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Mina Harker
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(This is a sockpuppet journal for various RPGs and prompt communities. If you wish to contact me, the player, you may see my personal journal, assimbya.)

Sources (varies depending on RPG):
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Dracula the Musical with music by Frank Wildhorn, Lyrics by Don Black, and book by Christopher Hampton

Other influences:
Nosferatu (1979 movie)
Dracula (1979 movie)
Dracula (2006 movie)

Vital Statistics
Name Mina Harker
Age 23
Date of Birth November 22nd, 1870
Gender Female
Relationship Status Married
Likes Typewriters, books, teaching, organization, friends, train schedules, being helpful
Dislikes Vampires, vulnerability, those she loves being hurt, impoliteness, lateness
Hobbies Reading, journaling, shorthand, memorizing train schedules
Mother Abigail Murray
Father Samuel Murray
Siblings None
Spouse Jonathan Harker
Children None
Mina Harker is a schoolmistress living in London, England during the Victorian Era. Despite living a rather normal life beforehand, Mina\'s life was distrupted by tragic and unlikely events when her husband, Jonathan Harker, a solicitor, travelled to Transylvania to conclude a real eastate transaction with his client, Count Dracula. Unfortunately for all involved, the Count turned out to be a vampire, and, after traumatizing poor Jonathan a good deal, travelled to England, where he first turned Mina\'s good friend Lucy into a vampire, and then went after Mina.

Luckily, Mina and Jonathan banded together with Lucy\'s eclectic group of suitors (Arthur Holmwood, Jack Seward, and Quincey Morris) and the eccentric Dutch doctor Abraham Van Helsing, and the group of them managed to chase the Count back to Transylvania and there dispatch him, freeing Mina from his curse.